Hello Mr. Peter

I am writing on behalf of my grandma, as she herself could no longer write. I told you already in our discussion about the state of her ill health. As she is on her third bread the pain is much much lesser. My grandma feels good and for some days now is on her feet, something that we could no longer believe. Even our neighbour could not believe it, that that could happen as a result of bread eating only. I of course ate the bread and I generally feel very well.

We as a family would like with all pleasure to eat this bread everyday, but because of the high prise, we cannot eat it daily. I would like to correct the agreed delivery. Please do send us in fourteen days one bread by Cash on delivery! Thanks for your understanding.

All the best and kind regards.

V. K.

Dear Mr. Peter,

I would like to apologise today, that I doubted when you told me about the effects of this bread. As I regularly ate 2 slices for my breakfast everyday, I do not feel hungry till afternoon, not even for sweet things. I?ve now lost in 6 weeks already 4 Kg, despite my early junk food. I still eat chocolate but reduced. Today I do not have the appetitie for sweet things and my blood Sugar has by the words of my Doctor almost normalized. As I still want to and will loose 12 Kg , I will integrate this bread in my daily food timetable.

I wish you success with satisfied and convinced customers.

D. G.

Hi, Mr. Peter,

Unbelievable was my description of your bread. My wife felt in just a few days so well generally in her overall well being. My well being became better as well, what was most astonishing was the increase in my sexual fellings. You told me nothing in that regard.

As I talked to my wife in this regard, she confirmed it as well. Thank God we are no more in this storm and in this age impulse.

Should you be the founder of the new biological and healthy Viagras (with no diese effect), I congratulate you and assure you that Pharmceutical industries will halt the production!

On this note I wish you a a wide range of customers with the same extra sensory perception as we have it.

Well done and on and on.

Your Helmut S.

Dear Mr. Peter,

I would like to thank you for that bread and describe for you in a short moment my experience. I realized that, the bread retains its freshness when wrapped in greaseproof paper and stored in the fridge, I stored then first bread in a bread pot on room temperature and it got mouldy in about six days, which of course made me very angry because of the price intensiveness. The second one I stored as described above. Even after four weeks it was still very fresh. I could not really express my enthusiasm enough over the effects of this bread. It decieves to just call it ?Health Bread?.

I feel very satisfied for a longtime after eating this bread, I concentrate even better, I have very good digestion and I sleep very well. One of the effects cought up with me recently. Almost all the time I go to my doctor for sick leave. This time I had cold, cough and catarrh ( I hope it was not the swine flu) I got through it in a sound state of health. Generally I feel very well and fortified after the eating of this bread. I wish you many satisfied and consumer steady growing customer circle. I would want the delivery to continue in the same agreed rhythm.

Kind regards

J. S.

Valued Mr. Peter,

Today I felt the urgent need to thank you for the consultation and the delivery of the bread. Since I began to eat this bread, my rheumatism push is almost unnoticeable. My entire well being has enormously improved. I feel fortified and almost pain free. I would like to have more of this bread in stock with all pleasure but I do not know if one can store it in a deep freezer.

Please take note of this and also if the ingredients will still retain its effectiveness.

Pleasant regards

I. S.

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